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Temagami - 898 (effective on 1996/04/01)
Final Plan (2019-2029)


Plan Text - The plan text drop down list consists of four documents:
  • Text - The text documents the decisions that were made during the development of the forest management plan and the activities that are planned to be carried out during implementation of the forest management plan.
  • Tables - The tables summarize information in support of the plan and the plan text.
  • Supplementary Documentation - The supplementary documentation provides information to support the decisions that were made in the development of the forest management plan.
  • Analysis Package - The analysis package provides information on the analysis and modelling in support of the development of the long-term management direction.

  • Plan Summary - The plan summary drop down list consists of two documents each in French and English:
  • Summary Text - The plan summary text provides a brief summary of the forest management plan including a description of the long-term management direction and operations that are planned.
  • Summary Map - The summary map identifies the planned areas for harvest renewal and tending.

  • Maps - The maps drop down list consists of four sub sets of maps:
  • Values Maps - Values maps portray known natural resource features, land uses and values that may be impacted by forest management activities.
  • Landscape Pattern Maps - Landscape pattern maps portray the pattern of forest composition and structure on the management unit. These maps are considered in the selection of areas for harvest to emulate a natural disturbance pattern.
  • Index Map - To facilitate locating the operations map of interest, an index map which identifies the name and extent of the individual operations maps, is the first map in the list of operations maps.
  • Operations Maps - Operations maps are produced at two scales. The composite maps are normally at a management unit scale and portray an overview of harvest, renewal and tending and road construction (e.g. 1:100,000 to 1:250,000). Operations maps are also provided at an operations scale which portrays the detailed operational planning (e.g. 1:10,000 to 1:20,000).
  • Other Maps - There may be other maps the planning team wishes to include.

  • Additional Information - This may include other files.

    Amendments - Amendments to the forest management plan are available. The amendments are listed by number and will include the necessary documentation. It will include the amendment request which will summarize the content of the amendment as well as text, tables, and maps as required.

    Changes to Values - Changes to values that do not require an amendment will be provided separately and will remain with the forest management plan.